What We Do?

Construction has been going on since time immemorial. Since the beginning of civilization man has been constructing, from humble homes to breath taking monuments.

We are a new company which believes in creating and innovating old techniques to bring about a "change" in the construction industry.

We believe in strong market presence, sound leadership, immaculate workmanship and excellent quality. The companys aim is to meet the growing needs of society in civil engineering field. We are committed to provide qualified capable staff of competing projects assignments in a professional manner and on schedule . We give each client a higher value through personal services , a clear understanding of the objectives and goals and deductions to project schedules and budgets .

From The Desk Of Managing Director

Amir Ali Khan, the Managing Director and Partner of The E-Square Contacting LLC , has moved to UAE, and took over the Company, to be a branch company of Karima Trading and Contracting Company (KTC) from Saudi Arabia. Amir Ali Khan is also a partner in KTC having twenty (20) years vast experience in the Middle East in the field of construction. KTC has successfully executed major projects the last five years worth more than Four (400) Hundred Million USD. In moving to Dubai he brings with him his intensive experience in the construction industry from building villas, hospitals, schools, dams, canals, telecom towers and establishes…..

The E-Square Contarcting LLC with the knowhow and experience of KTC, TESQC has to be the best in its class as a Construction Company. Its aim is to be involved and to be in partnership with our clients and co-professionals in the Design, Construction and Management of various residential, Institutional, commercial buildings, as well as other types of structures such as mobile towers, electrical substation, industrial sheds, schools, hospitals, etc.

 QC is led by a team of experienced Engineers, Managers and Technical Experts. It is our goal to utilize the best known method and practice together with technology that is available to give the best product and services to our client.

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